Monday, January 25, 2010

iPhone Blue Tooth Car Kits

There is an unlimited list of cool add-ons for iPhone owners. There are few that are as important or as useful as the blue tooth hands free car kits out there. As it turns out in some states it is actually illegal to talk on the phone while you are operating a motor vehicle, so the iPhone car kits seem to be a must have accessory for any iPhone lover. We will talk about some of the coolest features of our favorite car accessories for you iPhone here.

Top Features To Look For in a iPhone Car Kit

1. Reception - Well not all blue tooth accessories for the iPhone are of the same quality. Some get better reception and this does come into play even in the car. Of course you phone will never be very far away from the receiver if you are using a hands free car kit. The noticeable difference between a cheap and a good quality hand free set for you car is going to be the quality of sound. Some cheap Bluetooth car kits will give a very static signal that makes it hard to hear you callers, so you will want to make sure you find a good quality set.
2. Speaker Volume - Some of the models available have a very good sound quality and some use very small speakers that are not very loud. This will be a big problem if you have car with loud exhaust or a car that creates lot of road noise, like a big truck. If the sound level inside the cabin of your vehicle is minimal, you can get away with most any blue tooth car kit for your iPhone.
3. Display - Some of the iPhone car kits do not even have a display and if you have your iPhone on a dock in the car so you can see it's screen these are fine. Some people do not want to have to take the iPhone out of their pocket, so the heads up display may be very important to them. Some displays simply show callers, but other Bluetooth car kits may actually let you browse through your phone book and access other advanced features like this.
4. Power - This is more of a preference than a feature that is a necessity. Some of these iPhone hands free blue tooth kits require batteries and some actually draw power from your car itself, so this is another feature to keep a lookout for while shopping around. There are many sources for iPhone accessories and more information on iPhone accessories, so make sure to take you time shopping and find the add-on goodies that are right for you!

There are a lot of very expensive setups for the iPhone if you are looking to go hands free in your car, but many of the best models are not over 200 dollars. You can get away cheap if you are just trying to "get legal" and in some cases can get a good working iPhone blue tooth car kit for under 50 dollars. These are just some of the things you should keep in mind when looking for the perfect iPhone accessories for you and your needs.

Rather you own the original iPhone or a newer iPhone 3g or 3gs you will love to extend your iPhones capabilities with cool iPhone accessories that rock. So take a look around the web and see what you can find, there are a lot of cool ones out there to choose from!

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