Monday, August 23, 2010

Boosting Power Through Car Tuning

There are several innovative ways to upgrade your car's performance in both the small and larger parts of your car. Car tuning can take on the different aspects of your car which can individually contribute to improving and upgrading your car, not to mention the safety and durability that it provides.

In the area of fine engine tuning, car engines can be retrofitted with a performance chip to give it a special boost. It can be adaptable to engines in their fuel injection or electronic control unit systems. This performance chip can easily contribute to better performance of the regular engines by as much as 10 percent, and to turbo engines by as much as 30 horsepower. In car tuning, a performance cam could also be installed adding another 12 horsepower to your engine boost. The fuel pressure regulator can be replaced with a power boost valve in the return fuel line to likewise increase the power of your car.

With improvements in the driving power, you can also introduce additional modifications to its stopping power through brake performance tuning. Actually, it is recommended that you equip your car with an upgraded braking system before introducing car power modifications. Although it is not considered a performance upgrade, the braking system helps in the performance and safety of the car. In car tuning, a direct way to enhance braking is to fit your car with high performance brake pads and brake disks which can withstand extreme heat during extreme braking conditions better than regular pads and disks.

Air filter tuning is considered the simplest in car tuning tasks. Air filters and air filter elements can be substituted with high performance air filters for a special power boost in your engine performance. There is also the option of using an induction kit to improve air flow in a fuel-injection system instead of using the original air box. This kit features a conical filter that can be installed directly over the air flow gauge and lead the air better into the engine, which effectively upgrades the engine's performance.

You can also improve your car's performance by introducing enhancements to your exhaust system. The less impeded the exhaust fumes are in exiting the car, the better the performance of the same. Larger exhaust manifolds and pipes can make for better engine performance. Another key area in car tuning is the suspension system. The key to better performance is to create a low profile for your car by introducing low springs, lower profile wheels and tires, and shock absorbers. With a low profile the car has less difficulty in maneuvering and cornering.

There are countless tuning equipment and supplies which could aid you in your car tuning needs and these are available over the Internet. Automotive spare parts can likewise be canvassed online to make your endeavor easier and more convenient.

In order to meet you car tuning requirements, it is best to familiarize yourself with the different aspects of car tuning. You may consult a trusted professional to get the information you need in order to have a high performance vehicle.

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