Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Which Car Cover Should I Buy?

Knowing which car cover to go for is not a simple task. In fact it could be quite hard. When searching online for car covers, loads of different types come up and it can be more than difficult to work out which one to choose.

The way to select a cover is by playing skittles with yourself; by process of elimination. You will need to ask yourself the following questions and according to the answers, which are obviously different for every single person, you will be able to select the ultimate car cover.

Where do you store your car?
Is the very first question to ask. Some keep their cars in garages whilst others will keep them parked on the streets or in driveways, namely outdoors. Either way you will need a cover, but completely different types. Indoor car covers do not need any sort of fancy protection like highly waterproof etc, and therefore are a totally different type altogether. Indoor covers also work out a lot cheaper as the protection offered is much simpler.

What climate do you live in? What are the weather conditions?
Outdoor car covers vary. Not everyone lives in the same sort of climate conditions and therefore there is no one cover that will do for everyone. Some need heavy waterproof protection, whilst others need to focus on resisting ultra violet rays. Every area has their own sort of climate, and needs a different cover with various combinations of protection.

This is why the choice of car covers is so large. However, to work out which one you need, you need to work out what sort of protection you need to focus on, and from there you will be able to determine which cover to go for.

How big is your budget?
Once you have seen what covers are even an option for you, you get to see the price range and therefore can decide, based on that, what your budget is. You do not need to spend the a fortune on car covers. Quite the opposite; there are plenty of cheap, but quality covers available. You can also make things less expensive for yourself by cutting down on some things, for example sizing.

Covers come in three sizes, ascending in fit and price; universal, semi custom and custom. Universal will fit onto any car. The semi custom is designed and made to fit a selection of car that are similar in shape and size. Custom is made uniquely for the car in question. It is said that the custom cover is able to provide the protection offered, at the maximum level. However, as the one paying out, it will be up to you to decide whether it is worth it.

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