Sunday, November 20, 2011

Car Dolly Rental - What You Need to Know Before Renting a Tow Dolly

Renting a tow dolly to transport your car is a great method of cheap auto transport for people who want to transport their vehicle in a cost-effective manner. However, there are some things that we should know about tow dolly rental and usage before we just go forth, rent any old tow dolly, and tow our vehicle across the country.

First of all, we should look into all of the various car dolly rental options that are available to us. There are several different companies that rent car dollies for auto transport needs, and it would be wise to make a careful comparison of the pros and cons of each company. And before renting a tow dolly, you may also want to consider purchasing your own new or used dolly. This may be a good idea if you often transport your vehicle(s) from one place to another. But even if you only plan on towing your car for one move, it may be a good idea to consider buying a used dolly.

Now, you're probably wondering, "Why would I buy a car tow dolly for a one-way trip when I can just rent one?" Well, dolly rental rates are often fairly expensive. If you're towing your car to a far-away destination and planning on taking some time to get there, the rental rates can really add up. Many people have had success finding a used dolly, transporting their car to their destination, and then selling their car dolly upon arrival. If you keep the dolly in good condition, you may even be able to break even! You may want to try out this cool trick next time you want to transport your car without spending too much money.

Basic Car Tow Dolly Usage Guidelines

Another very important point is that you absolutely must make sure that using a dolly for towing is suitable for your specific vehicle. Some cars are not meant to be towed using a tow dolly and should be towed with a trailer instead. Car dollies are mostly suitable for towing front-wheel drive cars, as only free-rolling wheels will be touching the ground during towing. This minimizes the risk of transmission damage (which can end be very very expensive to deal with!). It is possible to tow other types of vehicles, but you may need to take some extra steps to ensure your vehicle does not suffer damage. So, make sure your car is suitable to be towed using a tow dolly before your trip and that you go through all the proper preparations.

And, as always, observe all standard road safety and towing safety guidelines. We hope your car dolly rental is successful, and wish you a safe journey!

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