Saturday, September 1, 2012

About Car Games Online

Car games are among the most highly searched in the flash gaming community. Just like any other categories, they can be separated into a number of specific types. For the purposes of this article let's list them as driving, racing, Disney, and 3D. Each one of these categories has something unique to contribute to the car games genre as a whole and can be enjoyed by just about anyone. Let's go ahead and discuss each part by defining them and possibly giving some fun examples of them along the way!

Let's put our pedal to the metal with driving games! They form somewhat of a catchall category because they pretty much don't belong to the other more specific groups. They could include games with obstacle courses where you have to survive as long as you can. They could also include games where you do stunts or have to figure out how to make it through physics driven puzzles. They could also include more destructive ones that are based on topics like the demolition derby. Parking games are also lumped into this category because they have such a simple premise!

Secondly we can talk about racing games. Of course, these make up the most common category out there. How they are alike is pretty obvious: the player races on some sort of track. However, some facets exist that make them different from one another. Some are simply side-scroll racers while others use a top-down view. Some have boosts, and others have obstacles to dodge. The best ones, though, usually let you earn money to upgrade or buy a new car. The player gets to unlock new, more challenging tracks and obtain achievements. With that said, it's easy to see that there are all kinds of different racing games to find and play online!

Now we can shift gears to Disney Cars games. These are based off of the awesome children's movies that even adults have come to enjoy. They are usually of high quality and take small parts of the movies with everyone's favorite characters to give you fun objectives to complete in order to win. There are two really fun ones that come to mind here. One is where you race as Lightning McQueen while trying as hard as you can not to let anyone pass you after you get the lead. Another one has the player drive Lightning McQueen through a field revving his engine at tractors and keeping away from Frank the combine. There are others that have timed puzzles of movie posters or pictures from the movie that you can color and print.

3D car games are usually just a different type from the racing category. As you would suspect, they are 3D, not 2D. The viewpoint is from behind the racer, and the player moves back and forth to get boosts or money, pass the other racers, or dodge different obstacles placed throughout the track. The landscape might be rural or urban, but there are hardly ever any hills; it's almost always flat. Sometimes you don't race, and your objective might be to destroy others with some sort of weapon.

As we cross the finish line of our discussion, we can see that there are plenty of interesting games to explore throughout the internet, so have fun and find some exciting car games! For more information please visit Car Games at Article Source: Article Source:

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