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Buying a Car: How to Choose a New or Used Car

When buying a car it is important that you have decided whether you want a new or used car. May people will not consider a car that somebody else has used, while others will never purchase a new car because of the uncertainty over its performance. Let's look now at the benefits of new or used cars relative to your needs and your pocket.

Used Cars are Cheaper

Obviously used cars are cheaper, but that is not why some people buy them. By 'used' here we are not referring to old bangers that have done 100,000+ miles and are virtually falling apart, but almost new vehicles that have perhaps been used only for demos with just a few hundred miles on the clock.

Others won't buy a car without it having done at least 1000 miles. All of this originates from the days when a car had to be 'run in' for the first 1000 miles or so to let the engine parts bed in properly. A failure to do so could reduce engine life. This was once the owner's responsibility and many were wary of purchasing used cars at or around that mileage in case it had not been properly run in.

However, many modern engines do not need run in because it is done on a factory bench when the engine is being tested. Nevertheless, damage can still be done to a new car if it is used at maximum power too soon, and this does not become apparent until later in its life. Many new car owners are unaware of this.

In spite of this, even if they are not unaware of the potential run in problem, many people prefer to purchase a car at around 1,000 miles or slightly less. This is because they believe that any problems associated with factory faults will have shown by then.

So there are two potential problems with completely new vehicles: factory faults that take time to show up and over-energetic use of the engine before it has had time to get used to being used.

Check the Service Record

Before buying a used car make sure that the service record is properly stamped. It should be stamped by the company carrying out each regular service. If there are no stamps in the service book or even if some are missing, then avoid purchasing that vehicle. A lack of proper servicing, particular during the first one or two years of its life, could result in serious issues later.

A car service is seriously important, since a lack of lubrication, particularly of the engine and the other moving parts, could result in undue wear and a serious reduction in the life of the vehicle. So never buy a used car unless you have sight of the service record - and also make sure you have some form of warranty.

Buying a Car

There are those that would never buy a vehicle used by somebody else. They love the look and smell of a brand new car (who doesn't) and many wish they could afford to indulge themselves in this way. One of the major problems with buying new is the uncertainty that it will run as it should - though the warranty should take care of any problems in that respect.

The second is the rapid loss of equity with a brand new car. Any automobile can lose over 12% of its selling price in the first year, though some lose more than that. As soon as it is no longer new it loses a good proportion of the selling price. If you are prepared to tolerate this, then there are few doubts that buying a new car wins every time over a used car for most people.

If you offered 100 people the choice between a brand new Nissan Altima Coupe and a used model, guess which most would choose! People go for the kudos of having a new car rather than used car, and dang with any problems. The car firm can sort these out. Who can blame them, because we would likely feel the same way.

The Best Choice: New or Used Car

When buying a car, the choice between a new or used car is yours. There is no best choice. Before choosing, however, you should be aware of the problems involved with each. Neither choice is perfect, but you get more car when you buy used. Since you must choose between new or used, go with your own judgment and which you would prefer to own - a new or used car.

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