Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reasons Why Custom Fit Car Covers Are Perfect

For most car owners, car covers are pretty essential to protect their cars against all types of dangers. There are a lot of covers to choose from and there is always that car cover that will be perfect for any car.

However, not everyone has seen the benefits of having a custom-made car cover for their car. There are tons of value to having a custom fit car cover and several reasons why custom made covers are branded as having the perfect fit at all times. Below are few of these reasons:

1. It covers every contour of the car. When you have a custom made cover for your car, all details are given special attention which enhances the protection as all pockets are sewn perfectly to fit every detail. Holes for the retractable antenna, mirrors, and other little details are taken care of.

2. It prevents slippage. Baggy covers slip and slide from the car. This unnecessarily rubs the car's finish, which can destroy the paint. With a custom car cover, the cloth fits like a glove thereby preventing the fabric from sliding and slipping against the car.

3. It eliminates dust and other materials from creeping into the car. Poorly fitting car covers may produce gaps where dust could enter. Not only that, insects can climb in from the gap and they could make scratches and leave their droppings on the surface. A perfectly fitted custom car cover prevents any gap from forming.

4. You get to choose what type of fabric to use. There are plenty of car cover fabrics to choose from. It is up to you to customize it according to your car's needs. The type of fabric helps protect the car against any type of weather. If you live in an extremely hot local, you need to get a fabric that is UV- proof so the rays will not be able to damage the car's paint. In a cold weather, however, the fabric should be tough enough to carry the weight of the snow and thick enough not to let water through. For both kinds of weathers, the fabric should provide enough insulation so that moisture will not form on the car's surface.

5. Customizing a cover for car means that you get to choose what color to use. For some people it is not important but giving attention to color is somehow the essence of customization, you get to match the color according to your taste and it will be very nice if you get to appreciate your car even though it is covered.

Your car's pristine appearance diminishes with time. So it is very important that you get really particular with how you protect it to make look stunning as if it is new. Custom fit car covers are great for this job as they guarantee a perfect fit that will serve as the car's primary form of protection. With the option to customize colors and fabrics, you will surely have only the best cover for your car.

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