Sunday, June 29, 2014

Great Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Car

Owning a car entails a lot of important to-do things in order to keep it running smoothly and efficiently at all times. Car investment becomes a wise investment if you know all the basics of car care - from purchase to maintenance. Good thing there are maintenance tips provided by experts to help car owners prolong the life of their autos. Cited below are some of these tips:

First, you have to be patient during the break-in-period, typically the first 1,000 miles or 1,600 km. Apart from keeping your speed under 55 mph, you also have to avoid heavy loads on to the drive train and do not allow your new car to idle for long periods.

Second, buy gas only at reputable service stations. Also, avoid filling up if you see the tanker. As the station's underground tanks are being filled, the turbulence can stir up sediments which can clog fuel injectors and filter - this in turn will cause poor performance that will need repairs.

Third, regularly check and change the oil. There is no single step that will help an engine last more than regularly changing oil and filter. Indeed, nothing will ever destroy an engine faster than neglecting oil-level checks.

Fourth, you have to lighten up your key chain. A pretty heavy load hanging off the car key along with the bouncing while you drive can wear out the tumblers inside the ignition and will eventually lead to ignition switch failure. So in order to add years of service to your ignition switch, you have to purchase a lightweight key chain. In any case your ignition key sticks if you try to turn on your car, this is indeed a warning that your ignition switch is about to fail - and this means replacing it before you get stranded.

As for your car's cooling system, you have to change coolant once a year. A mixture of coolant and distilled water will certainly keep the cooling system in its excellent condition and prevent corrosion and deposits from forming within the cooling system.

It is also a great idea to protect the interior plastic by parking the car in the shade, and applying a UV protector in order to prevent the plastic and vinyl from drying out.

Lastly, you have to drive with care every day. Always bear in your mind that if you drive carefully daily, your car will reward you with longer intervals with no repairs. For more info, check out this site.

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